Thoughts On Management

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Thoughts On Management

Post by NotBill » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:18 am

I was wondering what the Santa Clara folks think about the park now that you've been under Cedar Fair management for a couple of years now. Are you seeing changes in the park you like? I have always admired Cedar Point, back in my ride op day all my friends used to think of us working in AAA and Cedar Point was the big leagues (to use a baseball analogy). I'm curious if you've seen some good changes.

Six Flags seems to be very chaotic at the moment, they emerged from bankruptcy, they've lost a few parks, SFGA is one of their cash cows so it's likely not going anywhere. I can't help but think though that SFGA has been in a steady decline for years and Six Flags, through its various iterations, hasn't paid much attention. It seems like they throw up a new ride or a new area like the water park and that will be all sparkling and new while the rest is left to whither and die. Very sad and definitely un-Marriott. Cedar Point always struck me as a park committed to that same attention to detail and finish as MGA was, I wonder what others think.

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Re: Thoughts On Management

Post by jimmy gimbels » Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:34 am

You hit the nail right on the head Six Flags has little, if any, preventive maintenance. And, rides are rarely, if ever, cleaned. Harnesses on roller coasters are filthy. Columbia has lots of peeling paint and broken horses. I think there have been more personnel cut backs this year...that makes more longer lines, messy bathrooms and less maintenance. Have you notice how SFGA no longer claims to be the cleanest amusement park in the world?

SF puts in a new attraction and ignore it for years as the paint begins to peel and breakdowns become more frequent. Hurrican Harboris already beginning to look a bit rough around the edges. So does Bucaneer Battle.

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