Is Great America Santa Clara on the ropes?

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Is Great America Santa Clara on the ropes?

Post by RandyV » Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:49 pm

For a long while I've been reading about the various problems Great America in Santa Clara has faced. The park is land locked, the business neighbors seem annoyed, Santa Clara county in general seems like a pain to deal with, the whole 49ers situation, etc. etc.

Cedar Fair now says that the park is under performing, which leads me to wonder if the may disappear in the near future. I hate to type that, but it feels like we may be looking at a time in the near future when the only Great America we have is in Illinois.

Closing Santa Clara would obviously be a devastating event, IMHO. Any thoughts on this actually happening? Anyone really in the know to comment?
Randy V.
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Re: Is Great America Santa Clara on the ropes?

Post by douglips » Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:41 am

The last couple of years its been a ghost town. Last year I went to Gurnee for the first time. On a rainy Saturday in October it was more crowded than I've seen Santa Clara in 10 or more years. Last season you could go to CGA on almost any weekend and have no lines for any ride except Psycho Mouse.

In a hopeful sign though, I went this weekend and had a 30 minute wait forGrizzly and Survivor among others - so maybe things are picking up.

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