Scream and Dreams 3...Enough is Enough

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jimmy gimbels
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Scream and Dreams 3...Enough is Enough

Post by jimmy gimbels » Mon May 06, 2013 9:51 am

Part one was interesting to us who remember the Marriott years.

Part two left a lot to be desired.

Part three...well, not much left to present. It is time to give the concept a rest. This overall long...and oddly out of focus...production only shows how little SF has done with the part recently. More interviews of long-term Great America employees who have little of interest to say.

In the portion about THE EDGE, they never really show the ride. Same for the Demon.
Very sparse audience....many left midway through. Anyone know why?

Of interest is the final 10 minutes featuring clips from the Marriott era (you saw them in part one).

Best I can say, nice place to sit in an air conditioned building.

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Re: Scream and Dreams 3...Enough is Enough

Post by marcos » Wed May 08, 2013 4:49 pm

I agree!

The whole "movie" seemed more like loosely related YouTube clips in a playlist.

When they started giving testimonials of how great Buccaneer Battle is, it was at that point I felt like I was watching a commercial/infomercial, and not a movie. That ride is usually empty unless it's extremely hot. Pirates in County Fair? What were they thinking? The wrong theme, at the very least. The ride has been an expensive failure since day one, just like Deja Vu was. (Well, at least Deja Vu was was just broken down all the time and had poor capacity.) It seems like nothing good will take the place of Sky Whirl, at either Gurnee or Santa Clara!

Even the ending montage of rides starting in the Marriott years and going through the present seemed pretty random/completely out of sequence and had no flow.

I also don't buy Hank (Park President) and the "Save The Whizzer" segment...I'm sure the public outcry was a factor, but ShockWave self-destructing is why Superman took ShockWave's place, and not Whizzer's,

The whole thing gave me the impression 2000-2011 were some lean years for the park...and I guess they were! I did enjoy the piece on Little Dipper and Glow in the Park, at least. And the ending montage had an instrumental medley of "Marriott's Great America" (preview center theme) mixed with patriotic songs...I hadn't heard that one before!

This is the weakest part in the series by far...and I'm not just saying that out of nostalgia.

And please...get a new projector or's a shame to watch dim and fuzzy images on such a grand screen in the Pictorium!


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