The Carousel Song returns to Santa Clara

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The Carousel Song returns to Santa Clara

Post by marcos » Fri May 02, 2014 11:08 am

I have been going to Santa Clara a few times per year for the past five seasons.

My home park is Gurnee, and I nearly tripped when hearing this in the song rotation in Carousel Plaza ("Celebration Plaza," ugh) in Santa Clara on Opening Day this year. I could have sworn I was in Gurnee, since I had never heard this played in any of my previous visits to Santa Clara:

Kudos to CGA parks ops/management for making this happen, and making some of the history come back alive that we sometimes take for granted at SFGAm. I was so's seriously the small things that make a difference.

Maybe it was due to the mild winter in California, unlike the complete opposite in Illinois...but the park looked beautiful on Opening Weekend. Everything from landscaping, to paving, to painting looked great...or at the very least, much improved from previous years. The park is definitely on the rise. Who woulda' thunk it, just a couple years ago?


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