What did they do to the "Lobster"?

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jimmy gimbels
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What did they do to the "Lobster"?

Post by jimmy gimbels » Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:11 pm

It will always be the "Lobster" to me, but I think it is called the "East River Crawler" now. The ride was refurbished during 2013/2013. Replaced by the kiddie Buzzy Bee ride. And opened during 2013 with a new paint job. Trouble is, the cabins no longer spin very well. They kind of rock back and forth. Kind of dull if you ask me. SF kills another fun ride. Marriott has 3 people operating the ride. One at the control and gate; the other two people to assist people getting on and off the ride. SFGA has one poor soul who has to do it all. It takes forever to load/unload.

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Re: What did they do to the "Lobster"?

Post by jonrev » Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:43 am

The word I got is that following its 2012 rehab: the motor which rotates the center stalk - the one controlling the angle the ride itself while spinning - crapped again literally after it was just repaired over the previous season. Rather than take the ride out for another season, the park ran it in its neutered form, which resulted in the milder ride. It was back running as it should for 2014.
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