Sky Whirl/Triple Wheel Souveniers, Stand

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Sky Whirl/Triple Wheel Souveniers, Stand

Post by imdaman » Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:00 pm

Is there anyone can share with the site, any triple wheel/sky whirl items? There was a stand next to the ride that sold items, but was there any items specifically for the sky whirl? Snowdomes, postcards, etc?

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Post by steven » Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:21 pm

That place was once called "Sky Whirl Souvenirs". After Santa Clara renamed their Sky Whirl to Triple Wheel, I don't remember how the name of the shop was changed. After Triple Wheel was pulled out, the shop was renamed "Nick Nacks". Later, the shop was removed to provide more open space in that area. As far as I recall, the shop only featured general park souvenirs, nothing really specific about the Sky Whirl / Triple Wheel. Over the years, at both parks, there were some post cards of Sky Whirl.

Could you imagine them selling a high-quality, motorized working model of the Sky Whirl? That would have been cool. In fact, they could have sold high-quality models of many of the major rides. Those would have been excellent collectors' items.

I do know of one ultra-rare souvenir model. Back around the time of the park's opening, the glassblower created intricate glass models of the Carousel Columbia. These were given out to special VIPs. From what I understand, however, most of the recipients ended up breaking them because they were extremely fragile. I know someone who has one that is in perfect condition -- and, NO, it's not me! It's quite a spectacular souvenir.


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