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Re: Employee cafeteria

Post by NotBill » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:35 am

RLAiello wrote:OK, I just recalled one of the most notorious things about the Employee Cafeteria - The telephone. That thing would ring ALL THE DAMN TIME! And some supervisor would run up and answer it and yell out "JILL FROM TIDAL WAVE!" "BOBBY FROM DEMON!" "TIM FROM CAROUSEL!" - it was always a rides person being summoned. And sometimes nobody would answer the phone and it would ring and ring and ring. Along with the Haybaler and Sky Whirl, that was the most prevalent sound in the place.
Oh man Rick I was rolling!! Yes, yes, yes, happened all the damn time. The funny thing was if you were a lead there with your crew and then you got the call the rest of your crew would start taunting you. I just remember it was usually anyone that would run up and answer that phone. But because of it nobody would sit near the phone unless it was packed! Priceless stuff.

I never saw this thread before but man there are some good memories here as well. I think by my time they had dropped the "Bugs' Beanery" name for it, we all just called it "The Caf". I can still hear the Tidal Wave brakes now and watching her run walking down the tunnel back to my ride. The food was definitely post-Marriott by then, run of the mill burgers run through the broiler. They had decent buns that was about it. I would rarely get what they were passing off as an entree. But the memories, sitting there with your crew, different "sides" of the park sitting together was always fun.

I was a north side guy for my entire time at SFGA so I definitely remember those long walks to get to the ride. If you were somebody who would cut it close getting to work on time it make things fun sometimes!! The main corridor would get jammed with people a lot so I did what some other guys referred to, I would take the outer service road (went around the back of Rapids, past the training building) when I worked Shockwave, Delta/Dodge and Carousel/Tower. Once you got to Royale I remember a pop machine at the back that was seldom used by anyone. I would always grab a Barq's before my shift and drink up before I got to my ride.
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Re: Employee cafeteria

Post by jimmy gimbels » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:56 pm

I always hoped the "Character Cafe" would offer a salad or fresher food. Everything was fried. I would watch co-workers eat cheese fries and greasy burgers day after day. Ah, youth. All in all the food was iffy at best....in more recent years the quality was subpar. Still, you only paid $3.50 for what the guests paid $15.00. Kudos to the kitchen staff that would turn up the syrup ratio on the soda machine. You got some real potent stuff there...usually wired for hours from all the sugar.

My fav: Chilli dog. And FREE nacho day.

By the time one got to they Character Cafe, you only had about 15 minutes to order and eat. Thank goodness management has the right mind to put fast people on the registers.

There was an unwritten code on wear one could sit and eat. Certain areas were for management and security...I think maintenance had "specified" tables too.

The outdoor eating areas under Six Flags are worn out and filthy. Lots of broken furniture. I really wish they would invest in a good pressure washer. Sad is the shape of all the outdoor break areas. I don't think they've changed the candy machines for years. I recently purchased a roll of life savers that had completely fused together. Gross.

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