MGA's own Merry Maids? (wardrobe question)

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MGA's own Merry Maids? (wardrobe question)

Post by MGA1 » Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:10 pm

In the early Marriott years, there was a group of all female employees that wore Kelly green 100% polyester pants and a white 100% polyester window-pane checked short sleeve collared shirt. These ladies would clean the offices located throughout the park & they also cleaned the Guest Relations office (vacuumed, cleaned windows, wiped counters, emptied trash cans) in morning before the park opened.

I think they worked for a department called "General Services" but I was 16 at that time and never really paid much attention to such things. However, by the time I worked in Guest Relations in 1980, these ladies were no longer around & the Guest Relations hosts did all the cleaning inside the unit before opening or after closing time.

Does anyone else remember these employees? Who was this group? When did Marriott eliminate those positions? Did these employees also clean inside the merchandise stores?
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Polyester Torture

Post by gstar » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:24 am

Those HORRIBLE uniforms were what the few females in Grounds/Landscaping were forced to endure. I guess, since we're talking 30 years ago, it wasn't thought to let them wear the lighter-weight male uniforms. Even when I did a year in that department in 1982, though our pants were of a more wearer-friendly fabric, our shirts were mint green (not a good color when you're dealing with dirt/garbage) and made of a fabric that just did not breathe. I enjoyed that gig. Up until then, I had strictly worked in Park Wardrobe and knew nothing of the other departments' offices and who worked there. Once I started cleaning offices, (I chose this area because it paid more money for then, $4.25 hr.) I got to meet even more people and learn some of those secret hiding places out in the Park. By-the-way, I especially LOVED shampooing carpets and stripping and waxing floors!

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