Orlean's Place Atari Arcade

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Orlean's Place Atari Arcade

Post by Atarifan49 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:34 pm

One of the things that made the Santa Clara park were the Atari arcades in the park. There was one in as you walked into Orleans Place (near the front entrance of the park), one near the transition from Orlean's Place and Yankee Harbor and the large one in County Fair.

The first one that I mentioned in Orlean's Place was the best. It was small compared to the others. But it sometimes featured new prototypes of arcade games that Atari would developed. Atari also would display some interesting technology displays that they made. One that I'm trying to find pictures on had a computer board inside a plexiglas display case and had a neon light sign that was the shape of a pair of lips. The neon-lit mouth would animated to the computer voice coming from the board inside the display.

Does anyone have any pictures of the Orlean's Place arcade? And, if possible a photo of this display system that Atari had?


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