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SFGA YouTube Channel - Great old stuff!

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SFGA YouTube Channel - Great old stuff!

Postby RLAiello » Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:44 am

Apparently Six Flags Great America has its own YouTube channel -- who knew!?! Here's a few really great clips I found there:

Jewel Hill Farm Dairy and Standard Oil commercials- Great shots of the park and things that haven't been there in years! These are both from 1976.

"Vintage" Six Flags Great America video - Shots of the park, probably from the mid-1990s (scary that they call that "vintage") but there are clips of Sky Whirl in operation-- with that sound we all miss-- , and, for you SC fans, a great shot of the train. Lots of other things that have been gone a while as well...

1982 "Go Hand In Hand In Hand" commercial - A great promotion that I don't remember too well...

1985 "Have the Time After Time Of Your Life" commercial - I remember this promotion VERY well!
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