All about the rides at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA and post-Marriott rides, too
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HI does anyone remember bugs bunny land.the land is now accoupied by looney tunes national park.any info on this please let me know with pictures too.was fort fun bugs bunny land?thank you :?
if anyone has info on obtaining park maps of this park from 1976-2006 please send me a message or email message thank you very much.
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Post by redfishpaw »

See this thread on Fort Fun
http://www.greatamericaparks.com/forums ... light=maze
and check out Tanya's 1980 fort fun photo
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Hi! I just wanted to say that I know my mom has several pictures of SFGAM from approx. 1988...My sister and I were 3 and 6 at the time, so of course there are pics of us in the kiddie area, which I believe at the time was Bugs Bunny Land...I think?!?!? I am going to her house tomorrow for Thanksgiving so I will steal the pics and scan them asap. Unless someone knows for sure that the kiddie area in 1988 wasn't bugs bunny land. Heck, I may scan them anyway :) Hope I can help!
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It would be very interested in seeing them, Bugs Bunny Land or not :D
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I remember Bugs Bunny Land and I'll look for pictures.
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