Grizzly or SFMM Physclone?

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Grizzly or SFMM Physclone?

Post by Greezed Lightening »

I think the worst ever wooden coaster is Six Flags Magic Mountains Physclone. Grizzly comes second. What do you think?
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Post by jonrev »

Psyclone... I've heard horror stories about that ride. :shock:
Grizzly... havent heard anything until now.
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Post by dpxtreme »

I've been on both. Grizzly is by far the worst. Even though Psyclone is rougher, at least it has speed, hills, banked turns, etc. Grizzly is slow, no airtime, no good elements, etc. The only thing that Grizzly beats Psyclone in, is the landscaping around the ride (trees, plants, water, etc.)
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Post by eight10 »

I would definately vote for Psyclone as being the worst between the two.
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Post by SFGAmfreak4life »

I havent been on Grizzly but Psyclone is horrible. I dont think Ill ever ride it again. Shivering Timbers is the roughest wooden coaster Ive been on but its still pretty fun.
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