If you could bring it back...

All about the rides at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA and post-Marriott rides, too
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If you could bring it back...

Post by EagleMom »

Of all the rides at Gurnee, which five would you bring back?
These are mine!
1. Tidal Wave
2. Sky Whirl
3. Eagle's Flight
4. Cagun Cliffhanger
5. Hay Baler
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Post by Glorfindel7 »

1. Tidal Wave
2. Sky Whirl
3. Hay Baler
4. Delta Flyer/Eagles Flight
5. Davy Jones Dinghys
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Post by PGA ROCKS »

Can us Santa Clara people post here too?

For me:
1. Tidal Wave
2. Triple Play
3. Sky Whirl
4. Railroad
5. Stealth (I know it's modern, but I still miss it)
I miss Tidal Wave
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Post by TripplePlay93 »


1.Tidal Wave
2.Sky Whirl
3.Delta Flyer/Eagles Flight
5.The Edge
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Post by PGAsecurity99 »

Santa Clara

1. Tidal Wave
2. The Edge
3. Yankee Clipper
4. Railroad
5. Stealth
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Post by GreatAmerica4ever »


1. Tidal Wave
2. Z-Force
3. Sky Whirl
4. Delta Flyer
5. Cajun Cliffhanger
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Post by dwp49423 »

-Tidal Wave
-The Edge
-Cajun Cliffhanger
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Post by Tech Services 1 »

1. Turn of the Century
2. Sky Whirl
3. Tidal Wave
4. Delta Flyer / Eagle's Flight
5. Traffique Jam
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Post by rossrich66 »

Santa Clara

1. Turn of the Century
2. Tidal Wave
3. Willard's Whizzer
4. Sky Whirl
5. The Great American Railway
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Post by Demonlover13 »

1-Sky Whirl
2-Tidal Wave
4-Cajun Cliffhanger
5-Delta Flyer/Eagle's Flight
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Post by Druzik »

Santa Clara

1. The Tidal Wave
2. Sky Whirl
3. Willards Whizzer
4. Yankee Clipper
5. Great American Scenic Railway
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Post by missedthemarriotera »

gurnee (and i NEVER got to ride these... i wish i could have though)
1. the edge
2. tidal wave
3. deja vu
4. z-force
5. forgot the name (it was some taboggen type thing... i think now it's snake themed)
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Post by Arrow Guy »

I love how Tidal Wave is on everyone's list! Don't forget she's just down the road in Louisville. :)


1. Tidal Wave
2 .Sky Whirl
3. Delta Flyer/Eagles Flight
4. Southern Cross
5. Shockwave (but only if they fixed dead man's curve LOL)
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Post by dpxtreme »

Santa Clara

1) Tidal Wave
2) Stealth
3) Triple Play
4) Train
5) The Edge
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Post by djames42 »

Santa Clara
  1. Triple Play (always my favorite as a kid)
  2. Sky Whirl (like most here, I can still hear the sound of it 'whirling')
  3. Willard's Wizzer
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. Can I say just all the theming in the park?
  6. Not a ride, but I really miss Ye Old Rootbeer Shoppe (or whatever it was called--it was just around the corner from the Wizzer; I really miss the yummy 5¢ root beer on a hot summer day)
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