All about the shows, music, and performers at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA
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Who remembers the mid 1980's Great America Theatre Royale show "Rabbitcadabra" which was a magic show hosted by Bugs Bunny? This show opened at the Gurnee Great America park in 1984 even at the time of the Marriott's-Six Flags transfer.
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I recall seeing this show.
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I recall that this was essentially the same show as the "It's a Magic World" show the year prior, but with Bugs Bunny incidentally inserted into the mix...most of the acts were unchanged, though. In 1991, a new magic show was introduced into Royale called "Bedazzled", which was originally slated to feature Bugs also, but he was cut before the show opened. I thought that "Bedazzled" was markedly inferior to the "Magic World"/"Rabbitcadabra" show.
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