Pictures from the Shows Department

All about the shows, music, and performers at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA
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Pictures from the Shows Department

Post by BrianPlencner »


Not sure if you have had the chance to check out this site or not, but the Shows department has put up a wonderful webpage.

Here are the direct links to the photo pages


Santa Clara

There are a lot of good ones in each set. Also, you will notice that in both sets, they have listed the names of the people in the pictures. I know a few of you have wokred in the shows department at the parks...maybe you will see you! :D


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Post by steven »

Hi, Brian,

While it would be fun to think that the shows department would put up a terrific nostalgia site like that, the site is really the creation of one of our forum members here "dwolo". He's got lots of great photos and other stuff on his site.

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Post by dwolo »

Hey Guys, thanks for plugging the site! :) I have almost 200 people signed up at EACH park for the Show Ops reunions being held next July. If you know anyone who worked in shows during the "Marriott Years", please let them know about it. I've heard from people from every show venue except Nemo and Neptune!
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