Picto Pics!

All about the shows, music, and performers at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA
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Picto Pics!

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BrianPlencner wrote: . . .

I also want to also comment on the other additions to your photo gallery. The pictures of the Pictorum are really great! I've always wanted to see what the projector looked like, so thanks for sharing! :)

Glad you like the pictures, Brian.
It seems I take it for granted that everyone has seen the Imax projector, but it makes sense that if you worked in a specific department, you may not have had the opportunity to see other areas.

As I said before, we had a unique position in Tech Services, because we had our grubby little hands in every corner of the park.

I'll continue to dig up and post photos from all over so everyone has chance to see them!


(20 years later, I'm still kicking myself for not taking MORE pictures!!)
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Eegads, has it been that long?
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Thanks for taking those! I know that feeling, too. For example, I took lots more pictures of Southern Cross than most people did. But I wish that I had taken many, many more. I don't have a photo of the famous Yosemite Sam sign at the south end announcing that the Southwest Territory would rise in '79. I don't have a photo of the Southern Cross sign at the Orleans Place station. I didn't take good photos of the south end turnaround and cabin storage barn, etc.

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