The Carousel Song lyrics

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The Carousel Song lyrics

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Music by Gene Patrick, Lyrics??? prolly Gene Patrick

See the carousel, turning around and a round there,
It's a fantasy, take a ride, you'll see,
It takes us a long, as it spins to a song,
It's a day dream, can you come on along now,

To the carousel, catch a brass ring for luck,
Meet a special girl, hold her hand there,
Take a journey, on a merry-go-round,
It's magic, when you're young

Ride a sparkling steed deck out in jewels,
Hear a knight in shining armor dress,
It's all make believe, but no one will tell,
Enjoy your ride on the carousel

Horses glide along, turning round and around there,
It's a fantasy, make believe,
Take a journey, on a merry-go-round,
It's magic, when you're young

Take a journey, on a merry-go-round,
It's beautiful, it's wonderful, it's magic, even now.
"...and enjoy the rest of your day here at Marriott's GRRRREAT America"
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MGA1 (and anyone else who comes across this)

I assume you probably have a copy of the Carousel Song in your possession, but if you don't, click here:

There's a whole bunch of park music - snippets mostly - for download.

Enjoy! :)

Rick (that's my website btw!)
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Post by gstar »

Hearing the Carousel Song brings me a very fond memory. When I became a member of the Shows department, I was invited to join the last day of operation ritual of listening to the last time the song played as people left the park. It was bittersweet. We were "whew! it's finally over" but also, "wow, it's over already!". But then it was finish up as fast as we can so we can PARTY!!! Boy, did we ever!
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