MGA Street Entertainment

All about the shows, music, and performers at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA
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MGA Street Entertainment

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Hopefully someone has a better memory than me, but I definitely remember Marriott had many Street Entertainers in the park during the early years.

From what I remember

Great America Marching Band - Carousel Plaza & throughout the park
Male and Female BarberShop-type Quartets in HomeTown Square
County Fair ??? I remember a small stage in the food area
Ringling Circus students performing in the County Fair Big Top
Singing/guitar-playing wandering Cowboy dual in Yukon Territory
Log Climbers and Log Rollers In Yukon Territory
Fife & Drum Corp in Yankee Harbor
Bones Band in Orleans Place

What other groups am I missing?

in '76 there also was a live CanCan review on the stage in the SnowShoe least for part of the year. However, Williard Marriott watched it one time and noticed that the audience was full of Naval Recruits from Great Lakes Navy Base that were making cat calls and acting rudely. He didn't feel it was appropriate "family entertainment" and the show was canceled. Once Six Flags took over the park, a live CanCan/Saloon show reappeared at Snowshoe Saloon.
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Post by TheDean »

In 81, 82, 83 & 84 I ran a small group of variety performers who were known as “The Street Fleet”. (Santa Clara Only)

= Ace Miles:
Magic, Mime, Ventriloquism & Juggling

= Heidi Mills

= Dan (I forget… sorry)
Juggling… is NOW full-time wit Cerque Du Sole’

And Myself: Dean Hankey
- Sr. Illusionist (Professor Winkler) for the 82’ “It’s A Magic World!” in Theater Royale
- Singing Santa for “Happy Holidays” 82’ in The Grand Music Hall
- Strolling Magic
- “Dr. Deano’s Miracle Medicine Show” In Snowshoe Saloon
- EmCee for most park events
- Buy-outs… through mid 90’s
- EmCee’d and Opened for Concerts on Hometown Square Stage (NOT the newer park concert venue) like Crystal Gayle, etc…

Honestly, I remember it as some of the fondest memories I have ever had in this whacky biz… even after the ensuing 20 years in Casino Showrooms, Cruises and Corporate arenas I STILL remember MGA as one of the BEST! – Whoo Hoo!

Thanks for the memories!

I am at your service and in HIS Service,
Deano in Reno
MGA Shows Alum: (Santa Clara)
1980 - 1984
- Street Fleet Lead Strolling Magic Performer!
- Snowshoe Saloon: Ol’ Doc Deano's Miracle Magic Medicine Review Show!"
- Theater Royal "It's A Magic World!"
- Grand Music Hall - "Happy Holidays!"
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