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I like PGA's because they don't have big name eating places like Gurnee has (Panda Express, Papa Johns). And that cup is not being used at Santa Clara, I don't know about Gurnee.
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I believe Papa Johns is new for 2006. I agree with you that the food franchise names should not be used in the park.
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RLAiello wrote:Does Andre's still use these cups for their fries (as seen on the front page of the "Food" section of this site)?


I know they did for all the years that I worked there.
I ordered from Andres once this year and didnt get that cup.
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/\ He's correct. They serve it in the standard PGA french fries cup. Bah.
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Omg, the one thing I miss the most has to be the belgian waffles. Those were sooooo good. When I was younger, thats the only thing I was looking forward to eating. I thought it was cool how they used squares of ice cream to top em with. Dippin Dots and Waffle cones just don't quite compare. :( BRING EM BACK!!!!!!!
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Re: Farmers Market

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Wow, what an odd blast from the past. I started working at Schultze's Weiners in 1976, making $2.20 / hr. I was literally rolling in the money. I worked in '77 at Schultzes for a bit, then was transferred to Andre's for a bit. That year I then went to the Food Warehouse. What a blast, delivering to every restaurant. We used to go into Farrells and make our own Banana splits after hours. Good times. Would love to hear from anyone else who worked that time frame. I stayed at the Food Warehouse, as Supe for several years while at SJSU. Friends I can remember? Michelle Tharp and Miller, Tracy Dais, Bruce Lim, Arturo, Bob and Karen Talbott, Evelyn, and too many others that I forget their names.
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Re: Farmers Market

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Ok, so now I'm grinning! I, too, worked there from 77'-78'. I was a 'lead' and worked at all of those locations, including Jose's Taco (went home smelling like the taco meat), Giovanni's Spaghetti, all the way to the Chinese location with those wonderful Hot Ice Cream Balls!! One of my favorite locations, and I totally forget the name, was the Soft Serve Ice Cream location! I didn't know it then, but I can impress some of the kids that work with ice cream today when I tell them that I can take that 'Taylor machine' apart and put it all back together again! LOL!!

Jim S.... I think I know you...if your last name is a name that we all thought would go well with a Dodge Dealership! LOL!! If this is you, then you will remember! If so, 'HI'!!

Those were good times...and long hours, but a lot of laughs! And to this day, I HATE Pan-Dandy!! If you ever washed enchilada pans at midnight, you KNOW what I'm talking about!!

Anyway, good that this site is here and hope that more of the 'original' or at least those semi original employees check in and say "HI"!!
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