Salt in Drinks

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Salt in Drinks

Post by xxlatinogueroxx »

There was this boy in my class and he said that his neighbor who is like 40, worked at Marriotts Great America in the Foods Department and said that they used to put salt in the drinks. The reason they would do this is because salt will get the customers thirsty which will want them to buy more drinks. Is this true?
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Post by steven »

I highly doubt this. I never heard of it happening and it doesn't make much sense. On that note, let's try to keep these dubious claims off of the forum. I mean...flying Edge cars and now salty drinks... Send 'em to or something! :wink:

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Post by ewilson »

If you add salt to a soda drink it will react with the carbination and make it go immediatly flat. With corrisponding violent release of gas.
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As someone who worked in the foods department,I can assure no one told me to salten up the sodas.
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DITTO! How intensely STUPID is it for someone to deliberately put salt in someone's drink so they can stay thirsty and shell out more cash? Those bozos probably did it for profits.
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Post by ttd rox »

I highly doubt this. They wouldn't just stick salt in their drinks. They would have to stick a bunch in the drinks for it to really affect you and crave more.
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Re: Salt in Drinks

Post by jimmy gimbels »

The Coca Cola company does let anyone mess with their products. To add salt would mean Coke might pull their products. It happens to restaurants all the time. Vendors can adjust the water/syrup ratio and amount of ice in drinks to boost profit per drink. The syrup ratio as SFGA is quite low. LInes should be cleaned and flushed on a regular basis....a procedure that Marriott did weekly, but we never did it at SFGA

Your best value at SFGA is to purchase soft drinks in bottles and pay .25 for a cup of ice.

However, sodium levels in other food products from popcorn to french fries to pizza is quite high. Thus people are "feel" thirsty and purchase more liquids. That is why many theme parks will have popcorn stands around the park.

Consumer tip: SFGA has posted signs at water fountains that state is is "illegal" to refill your water bottles. There is no such regulation in Illinois. Just a gimmick to sell more soda and water.
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