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Share your memories of working at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA in Gurnee
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VIP Lounge

Post by EagleMom »

Has anybody been to the VIP lounge? We had our department training up there this season and I enjoyed it- it's right out of 1976, with the exception of the plasma TV. Apparently, Mr. Marriott had a bedroom up there so he could stay overnight at the park if he needed to. The bedroom is no longer part of that apartment, but the rest is still intact.
There is a Guestbook in the VIP lounge and I was thumbing through it- I totally cracked up as the band members from the 80's group "A Flock of Seagulls" were at the park. So were a couple of Elton John's bodyguards, and the Jonas Brothers last summer.
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I'm in the Guest Book

Post by MGA1 »

Hi EagleMom, yes, I've been in the VIP/Consulate Lounge...actually I've been in them at both Great Americas. The Consulate Lounges were initially planned to be in-park apartments for the Marriott family when they visited, however, by the time the parks were under construction, the plan had changed. I posted a note about the history of the lounges and comparison of the two lounges in "Remembering Great America" under a post titled "Consulate Lounge" back in April 2008.
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Post by HoneyBunny »

How would one get to see the VIP lounge if you aren't a staff member or a celebrity? That sounds like it would be cool to tour but I'm sure they won't just let anyone in who asks. I guess you would have to have 'connections'?

Does anyone have pictures of it?

Thanks for the info!
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