What would happen to Six Flags overall, if...

Share your memories of working at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA in Gurnee
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What would happen to Six Flags overall, if...

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Can somebody please explain how important SFGA is to the entire Six Flags corporation? Is it really true that we "carry" the other parks?
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This is an interesting question. I've also heard Great America is the top park in the Six Flags chain in terms of contributing to corporate profits. I've never seen any financial figures to back that claim up. I'm assuming this information would be listed in the Six Flags corporation Annual Reports though. Are there any Six Flags shareholders here that can check the financial reports in the Annual Report?
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I think SFGAm is in the top 3 because we have no competition around the park.
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i can eisily believe great america is the 'best' six flags.... i mean, isnt it the only ones with no deaths that were the parks fault? lol
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I'd say 2 or 3

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Magic Mountain is open, at least part time, year round. It pays year round and has highest attendance. It is huge and holds a crowd well.

Gurnee is probably next, and for the ten year period I worked there...the five or six I was exposed to park counts, (1989-1994) we weren't worried about being high in the system, we were gaging ourselves against Cedar Point and Kings Island (both of which hold lots more, lots more easily)...Cedar can hold 100,000 and look like 40,000 in SFGA. I was there two days we cut off the tollbooths by 11:30 am and only allowed walk ups. Anyone say JoyFest? We were even outdoing MM on a daily basis...they had more days.
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