"Buzzy Bee" under my user name

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"Buzzy Bee" under my user name

Post by WestBurbs14 »

When I posted, why did it say "Buzzy Bee" under my user name? How do I change it?
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Post by steven »

That's your "rank" on the forum. New users start out at Buzzy Bee and progress to bigger rides as their rank as they post more messages. It doesn't take too many to rise above the Buzzy Bee rank.

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Oh My God

Post by geostevphen »

When I saw Buzzy Bee under my name, I thought it was a 'menacing clue' that a member of Full Time Operations management did in fact see me and two other seasonal operations supervisors Ride Buzzy during spring clean up. And the fact that my Buzzy, as well as the Buzzy of another male ride supervisor was DRAGGING on the ground, wouldn't respond to his yoke, was not the big secret we thought it was. But thinking that someone saw us makes Buzzy's wings flap unnaturally was the worst revelation of all. But it wasn't me anyway.
"Get the hel* of that railing, it's already busted; Fat A**" Heard over the WWR PA System as I left the ride to go to lunch, July 1986
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