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I was in Tech Services when BHC3 was filmed. I remember them filming at the Triple Wheel and yes it was a dummy cabin. In fact they had 3 different smashed cabins for the filming.. I also remember the mechanics getting ready to pull the power to the ride when they were filming because they had real people on the ride and they were starting and stopping the ride over and over to make the cabins swing and make the ride look like it was having problems.. The problem was they were really causing stress on the ride and they had real people on it for those shots.. so they were about to pull the power to it.. I also remember that they also showed the movie in the Paramount Theater (newly named theater) to some VIP's from Paramount before the movie opened. I also remember that almost evey day they filmed we had crappy weather.. all grey and overcast.. yet in the movie it looks all sunny and warm.. :D
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I remember when BHC3 was filmed, I was working across the street at the Convention Center at the time and we would go up on the roof and watch sometimes. It was filmed in the fall (the reason for the grey and overcast skies) during the off season when the park was closed. They were there for about a month filming, and if I recall the smashed cabins were droped from a crane.

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I know this is kind of an old thread, but I just wanted to say that some of the scenes in the movie were also filmed at universal studios in universal city ca. The part of the movie where they are in a ride that looks like a subway station was filmed in the backlot tour ride at U.Studios.
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Re: Beverly Hills Cop 3

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I know that this is a really old topic but, I just want to say this:

I think this movie had a negative impact on the Sky Whirl/Triple Wheel. I don't mean to sound rude or anything but, it's like a message to the Santa Clara park visitors who saw this movie saying "Stay off of this ride, or this will happen to you!" because it was Santa Clara ride they used. 3 years later, Sky Whirl/Triple Wheel was taken down, maybe due to drop in ridership because of this. Possibly scared the Santa Clara park visitors from riding it again after watching BHC3. Sky Whirl/Triple Wheel didn't deserve that kind of publicity.
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