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Hi, Joey,

Ed might have it. If not, it will probably turn up sooner or later. Could you remind us of what the parade music was like?

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parade music

Post by brdwyguy »

i wish i could remember the whole song

"Here comes Merry, Merry Mardi Gras Parade!
The parade passing by . . .
la la la la la la"

i wish i could remember more of it!


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Post by dwolo »

I beleive it was...

The Parade passes by
with its' flags flying high
shout, "hurray",
It's a day
Like the forth of July
(something, something) true
Great America on review
It's the Merry Mardi Gras Parade!
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Post by that_guy »

When was the Mardi Gras parade first introduced? And wasn't on of the original themed areas taken out for a Mardi Gras theme?
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Post by jonrev »

The Gurnee park took out about half of Orleans Place (where CC, Edge, Roaring Rapids are/were) and made it into a Mardi Gras section. They also added 4 new rides in that section.
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Is there a way that I can download the song?
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