What GREAT AMERICA did you live near?

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What GREAT AMERICA did you live near?

Post by jonrev »

Gurnee. I live in Grayslake so it only takes about 10 mins to get there. :)
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Post by BrianPlencner »


At one point, I was less then 5 miles from the park. But, I now live in Kenosha, WI...still under 15 miles, but it was sure nice to ride my bike to the park during the summer! :)
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Post by m11stephen2 »

Gurnee, About 1 hour to get there. :(
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Post by that_guy »

Santa Clara, I live in Pacific Grove (near Monterey), 2 long boring hours from the park :(
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Post by zongaboy626 »

santa clara
1 hour 30 minutes
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Post by brdwyguy »

I lived 10-15 minutes from the Santa Clara Park

right down San Thomas Expressway
about 5-6 miles
would take me right to the employee parking lot!
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Post by Tanya »

I must have been close to brdwyguy, right down San Thomas....
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Post by JW65 »

I grew up in Elgin, Illinois which is about an hour from the Gurnee park.

I90 East to I294 North to I94.
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Re: What GREAT AMERICA did you live near?

Post by Mr. D.T. »

jonrev wrote:Gurnee. I live in Grayslake so it only takes about 10 mins to get there. :)
15-20 minutes for me.
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Post by PGA ROCKS »

Santa Clara. About a 20 minute ride to get there. :)
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Post by xxlatinogueroxx »

Gurnee...I live in Waukegan so it takes about 10-20 minutes to get there. Some times I pass by Grand and Greenbay and I can see the Sky Trek Tower from far away...I used to see the Shockwave until they tore it down. :cry:
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Post by BroadwayBill »

brdwyguy wrote:I lived 10-15 minutes from the Santa Clara Park

right down San Thomas Expressway
about 5-6 miles
would take me right to the employee parking lot!
Joey... didn't you live in a duplex on Dover Court? I remember going to a party there.
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Post by twixmix0303 »

Gurnee--7 minutes
Santa Clara--36 hours
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Post by retlawfan »

Santa Clara is my "home" park.

When I worked there, I lived in Redwood City, about 20 miles to the north. On those early morning when I would start work at 6am, I sometimes made it from my driveway to the employee parking lot in 18 minutes. The usual travel time, though, was about 25 minutes.

Now I live in Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the world, home the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. The drive from home to GA is now about 40-45 minutes. I am now only about a 5 minute drive from PGA's newest adopted sibling, Bonfante Gardens.

I have been to Gurnee once, when I was traveling to Iowa from California, and decided to make a side trip just to visit SFGA. I had been wanting to visit "the other" GA for about 15 years. I finally made it. It was wierd, but that's another topic.
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Post by coasterfan71555 »

I lived near the Gurnee park. When it opened, I was 20 going on 21 and lived in Spring Grove, IL, which is about 15 miles west. The drive was through the countryside in those days, all farms and stop signs instead of today's subdivisions, shopping centers and traffic lights! Over the years I moved to Florida, back to Illinois, and now I am about 30 miles from the park. I still love going there and I never fail to reminisce about the early days...much of the original look is still present and the park is very dear to me.... :D
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