I miss SFGA!

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I miss SFGA!

Post by coolwavepic »

I used to go to both parks but I miss Gurnee the most,mainly because they still have most of the classics.

My new home park would have to be SF Magic Mountain which sucks big over SFGA. MM lacks flat rides and it seems that MM doesnt keep their park maintained. Is this the same for the Gurnee park? If so, someone needs to whip Premiere back into the Time Warner days.
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I would say that the keep up of the rides is good in Gurnee. They have redone quite a few flat rides in past few years, something they are still working on. If I'm not mistaken Triple Play was the last one to get it.
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Triple Play was the most recently rehabbed Marrriott ride and Condor was rehabbed last year.
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