Quick SFGAm Viper Question

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Quick SFGAm Viper Question

Post by holydumb26 »

Hiowa all! I gotta question regarding the past theme of the Viper Rollercoaster at Six Flags Great America!

Was there anything that was unique standoutish about the vipers theme back in 1995 that is not currently at the Viper now? Has there over the years been a de-themeing like at the Demon?

I have heard numerous stories of the speaker "bags" above each que airgate having animatronic snakes inside but I can not find out any proof whether or not this is true or not :wink:

Also I have heard random stories about there being something ( like a snake or sound effects" in the transfer shed at the immediate end of the ride right out by the first brakes! But yet again I can not prove that any of this existed because I was way to young to remember any of this!

If someone could respond asap that would be most appreciated! Also original 1995 or close to pictures of the Viper would be amazing! Thanks a lot for reading and thank you for any responses!
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Post by steven »

Hey! Any Gurnee Six Flags experts around that can help???

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Post by pjm8071 »

They did used to have large sacks that squirmed as if they contained snakes. I didn't even notice that they were gone. I will check my pictures from the opening year, and see if I did take any pictures of it.
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