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Rode Eagle "red side" last night, 2 times.

The Eagle has really gotten better over the years. That steel track has done wonders for it.

The bad thing is the location of the station.. or the location of the entrance. The park needs to be 'brought up' to the station. Separate queues were fine when they were running BOTH sides with 3 trains each (mid 80's was the end of that right? I think 88 or so?)

The operation always leaves me sad. "welcome back red side!" when only red is running seems kinda a slap in the face. "how was your ride blue side?" it just gets old.

The ride didn't have seat belts, then did, then didn't, then did (similar to Viper) - with the seatbelts, it takes so long to load.

Almost any park could really benefit from a dose of Holidayworld tutoring!

GAmerica has those little dry-erase boards up with the rides respective high capacity. Eagle was like 680 or something. Pathetic.

When I worked on the Blue Streak at CP (92-93, last 2 years before it was 'updated' unfortunately) we were expected to get at least 1200 per hour, and on super days, we broke 1400. (I'm sure it's MUCH lower now with the new individual lapbars and individual seatbelts, and they can now 'stack' trains as long as they want...)
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