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Post by that_guy »

Ok Well I was browsing Youtube and found these for anyone interested:

1980: (not demon)
1993: (Gurnee) ... ed&search=
The rides are GREAT, the shows are GREAT, the fun is GREAT, at Marriott's Great America! REMEMBER Marriott's GREAT AMERICA, REMEMBER Marriott's GREAT AMERICA!
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Post by RLAiello »

There are some really fun videos of the rides on YouTube.

Of course, they are all kinda stupid for recording while on rides-- being all dangerous and against the rules and such...

But still. some of them are pretty fun!
Rick Aiello
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Post by BrianPlencner »

The one from 1980 is a good one. Lots of footage from the SC park, but I think there is some from Gurnee in there as well.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Mr. Brian Plencner
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Post by Glorfindel7 »

I think the commercial for Z-Force(Flashback) may have been part of the problem. The commercial for the ride leads you to believe that you enter the turn AFTER the drop, when in fact you had about 25 feet or so of straight track after a turn after leaving the lift.

Is it any wonder that that ride lacked in popularity?

I think my favorite spot had always been that 1980's one... Thanks for posting!
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