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Post by djames42 »

BillK wrote:I remember the Hot Shoppe in Hometown Square where you could get a mug of root beer for a dime!
I was wondering if anyone else remembered this place. I discovered it quite by accident one day, sadly it was shortly before it shut. I only had their root beer twice (and I remember the 'bartender' being really funny). As I recall, the root beer was pretty tasty too!
I recall the fried chicken in Hometown Boarding House as well, but there never seemed to be a whole lot of chicken on those bones. :lol:
I wonder if this is the place I was remembering fondly. I remember a restaurant (one of the more expensive ones in the park) that sold chicken plates, was foghorn leghorn-themed, and occasionally had live music in the evenings. If I remember right, it was near the covered bridge leading into Yukon Territory.

Great America used to be (until recently) the only place I ever ate Churros as well!
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Good topic!

I, too, remember having a delicious meal at Captain Morgan's Seafood. I think I ate there a year or two (or three) before it switched over to being Angelo's. I don't think there is a single restaurant in the park that sells seafood now, and it's a shame.

My fondest memory, though, is of Maggie Brown's Boarding House. I remember walking through the line with my parents, choosing my food, and sitting in the glass-enclosed gazebo, watching Willard's Whizzer go up its spiral lift. I remember the food was so good... and that memory just stays with me to this day.

I also remember Brown's Bakery-- looking at all the goodies they used to have. I think we got a gingerbread man, but I can't be certain.

Another food memory is, of course, the Farmer's Market. As I got older I used to like the variety of choices there. And nothing ever beat Andre's French Fries!

I haven't been to the park in a few years now, but I know when I worked there it seemed like they were trying to streamline the menus too much. The variety was gone-- replaced by burgers, pizza and a few specialties here and there. But certainly nothing like the Marriott days.

Another sad thing about the food is how much of it is prepared and frozen. Back in the Marriott days you KNOW it was much more fresh and made-with-care. Even the chicken at the Boarding House is frozen now.
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Post by Glorfindel7 »

djames42 wrote:
BillK wrote:I wonder if this is the place I was remembering fondly. I remember a restaurant (one of the more expensive ones in the park) that sold chicken plates, was foghorn leghorn-themed, and occasionally had live music in the evenings. If I remember right, it was near the covered bridge leading into Yukon Territory.
BTW, the name of that place was Klondike Cafe/Snowshoe Saloon.
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Post by RandyV »

Pizza Luigi right next to the American Eagle was always my personal favorite. There's nothing like sitting down with some pizza and watching the trains go over top and down the first drop.
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Post by LS202 »

I remember my Mom taking us to a restaurant near the water where you could have ribs and stuff. Now it has pizza on big letters on the roof. I also remember ice cream in waffle cones in county fair. Those were good! Ahh the Mariott days when everything was good.
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Post by redfishpaw »

I didnt make it to the park last year, but I thought they still had waffle cones at the funnel cake foundry. Also, a restaurant in orleans place use to have waffle cones, I dont remember the name of it off hand.
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Post by SFGAmfreak4life »

^ You're probably thinking of Antoine's. I can't remember if they sell waffle cones there or at the Funnel Cake Foundry. The only place I know for sure thats sells them is the Firehouse.
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Post by Mr. D.T. »

I have to agree that in the earlier days Great America used to have much better food back in the Marriott days. And everything was much cheaper. In my earlier years at the park, people used to ask me all the time where the fried ice cream and elephant ears were and I had no idea. It was too sad the park stopped selling the above I just mentioned.

I just decided now that I will end up returning to the park for work this past week. They said they will sell a better variety of food. But I don't think that will compare to the Marriott days. And alas, I don't even think that the Root Beer Joint OR Kate's Coffee Shoppe will return to life this season or anytime soon. Why they shut down in the first place is beyond me.

If only Six Flags sold signature specialties or even fresh meats again, but that might not happen. And in my opinion, Andres probably did have the best fries back in the past but their fries are the same as many other joints in the park and even the waffle fries in HH are sold by the same company.

Make no mistake, I still like the food in the park but it's not the same as it used to be, even when HH was built. Let's hope there won't be too many drunks roaming the park now that Six Flags greenlighted hard liquor.
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Buffet Le Grande

Post by rossrich66 »

I remember "Buffet Le Grand" in Orleans Place. Although not quite a "Blue Bayou" ala Disney, I remember the food was good. It was your standard cafeteria style food but dressed up in "fine dining" garb. I know in the Santa Clara park I think it later became an arcade, and then ultimately one of those "recording studios" where you record your own songs. I don't what it is today however.
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Alcohol in the Park

Post by mjkzak »

With the recent announcement regarding alcohol being sold at Six Flags, it got me to thinking and remembering how Great America always sold alcohol, especially during the Marriotts, family-friendly days. Based on what I remember (and based on old guide books and park maps) alcohol was served at the following spots:

The Firehouse (beer)
Farmer’s Market (beer stand)
Blue Ribbon BBQ (beer)
Klondike Café/Snowshoe Saloon (beer)
The Cache (beer)
Captain Morgan’s (wine and beer)
Levee Spaghetti Restaurant (wine and beer)
Pizza Luigi (beer)
Pizza Orleans (beer)
Roy Rogers (beer)

My partner recalls beer being sold at the Eagle’s Nest in the American Eagle tent. Was alcohol sold anywhere else, like the Boarding House or the fast food burger joints?
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Post by redfishpaw »

The restaurant next to the Snowshoe Saloon was called Klondike cafe.
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Post by greatamericagirl »

I remember the red, white, and blue cones. That ice cream place ruled. Since I was a super picky eater, I only ate the french fries, occasional buger across from the cars (near the demon; don't remember the place but they were known for steak fries). Then had my first nachos near the Demon.

My parents liked Yukon Territory for beer. And I do remember the seafood restaurant.

Isn't it funny how things progressively get worse instead of better? Now the food is very expensive and junky. We hate eating there.
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Post by soupkid »

Tech Services 1 wrote: ..... ribs and corn at the restaurant connected to Snowshoe Saloon (geez, what was the name of that place?).
Klondike Cafe?
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Post by da1gloc »

Well for me. I was all about those belgium waffles that were sold out of that little kiosk right next to Farmers Market. That was the one treat that I couldnt leave without having.
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Post by PGAsecurity99 »

I've only been to SFGA once, and that was almost 10 years ago, so I don't remember the food their. But when I worked at PGA the food sucked. The only half way decent food was in Bedrock Cafe (Employee Cafeteria). Cedar Fair needs to establish relationships with some of the local and popular restuarants in the San Jose area. Things would be much better if they had places like Pizza My Heart, In-n-Out Burger, Armadillo Willy's and maybe even Starbucks; just to name a few. I like SFGA's idea to bring in Papa John's. That was smart.

As far as SFGA serving hard liquor, from a security point of view, don't even get me started.
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