View-Master Reels of Marriott's

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View-Master Reels of Marriott's

Post by GreatAmerica4ever »

I just came across a packet of 3 View-Master Reels that I forgot I had. I do not remember when or where I got them, but I know I was a little kid in the late '70's.

I downloaded the cover and back of the packet that they come in and is now in my photo album. The back indicates what picture is on each reel:

Reel A:
1. Cover Picture--the Columbia
2. Hometown Square and Sky Trek Tower
3. Willard's Wizzer
4. The Great America Marching Band
5. Lost Parents' Schoolhouse
6. Sky Whirl
7. Turn of the Century

Reel B:
1. Barney Oldfield Speedway
2. Games Area, County Fair
3. Lighthouse, Yankee Harbor
4. The Lobster
5. Yukon Territory, Portside
6. Logger's Run
7. Orleans Orbit

Reel C:
1. Tidal Wave
2. Orleans Place
3. Great America Scenic Railway
4. Hometown Parade
5. Grand Music Hall, Hometown Square
6. Grand Music Hall Show
7. The Columbia at Dusk

Even though I don't have my View-Master anymore, I can tell by looking at the reels that some of the pictures are classic and nastolgic! I wish there was some way to be able and download them to share!

This find is probably valuable! I like how the cover picture lables that the parks are in Santa Clara and Gurnee.
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Post by Glorfindel7 »

Actually I think I had those as well... There was also a time when they would have those mini plastic TV's that would work as viewmasters, but you would push a button on the bottom...

Anyone remember those?
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Post by GreatAmericaFan »

That's pretty neat. I just bought the same Reels off eBay last month actually.
Maybe a GREAT day is just what you need this year.
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