Adventureland movie...memories of working at MGA

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Adventureland movie...memories of working at MGA

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Just saw the trailer for a new film called Adventureland that comes out on March 27th. It's a comedy film about a seasonal Games host at a theme park (filmed at Kennywood) back in 1987. The scenes from the house party really brought back memories of the crazy house parties we had back in the MGA days. Here's a link to the trailer:
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I'm for sure seeing that!
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And they were always out in...

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Wilmot, Carey, Mundelein and of course Kenosha or Racine. One morning after a back yard frolic (I think I was an 11-7 midshifter...and lets face it, there was crew unity, but there there was shift unity and that's where your family was) that all four 11-7 midshifters went to, I had to open the morning after...and was late. A co-worker and friend called park operations and stated "SoandSo Will be late; He was hit by a beer truck". Imagine the surprised look I got in park ops that morning. Those parties rocked.
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