New Kids Area at SFGA

Share your memories of working at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA in Gurnee
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I was at the park a few days ago and I hate the Wiggles World more than I thought I would. The area is hideous and is a big waste of space. The new line configuration for American Eagle is horribly long. The entrance isnt too noticeable and is very plain. I wish Wiggles World wasnt added but theres nothing I can do about it.
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Why would Great America care about what a teenager thinks of a kids area. Do you have any idea how much revenue it brings in?
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I think they should have replaced the Cartoon Network area with the Sproket's roller coaster. I loved that ride when I was younger but now of those shows are even reguraly on the channel anymore.
They should have put the new wiggles world in that space while revamping the American Eagle queue.
I thought they really let that area go over the years. I mean half of it was used for an empty queue, the middle used to have games in it, while the other half had a few food options with benches and alot of coke machines!!!

Wiggles World does not even fit the Country Fair theme! I understand the addition of the wiggles...they want the park to be more family friendly. Thats fine because by doing so, they are adding stuff like shows again and fireworks.
Maybe the trolley will return for normal operation?

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I'll give them the fact that the usually-empty queues in Eagle Arena were just a waste of space and they needed to do something with the area. While I'm not a huge Wiggles fan, the new area did seem nice and had some neat attractions for the kids.

One bit of brain-deadness though: There's a gap between the edge of the tent and the building that surrounds it which has always been there. They built the seats for the stage show right underneath that. A thunderstorm went over while we were there a couple of weeks ago and we ended up under the tent to ride out the storm. Couldn't sit and watch the show, however, because everything was soaked!

Hopefully once the Wiggles craze is over, they'll put something else here.
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