Practical Jokes & Things To Do On A 5 Show Day!

All about the shows, music, and performers at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA
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Above Paramount Theater (Grand Music Hall) there is a room called MI. In MI there is an extra room with a vent in the floor, that vent goes into the girls dressing room bellow. Durring the 2005 School Of Rock show the techs fed a fog machine into that vent which filled the girls dressing room with fog. They were PIIIIISSSSED.
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School of Rock 2005

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Speaking of practical jokes...

2005 was my first year at Paramount's Great America (I'm currently in my 3rd season, and can I just say that Cedar Fair = ?!), and I got a role in the new show "School of Rock: Live in Concert!" A bunch of us were pretty young and also in our first season, and we got along really well from the get go.

During our tech rehearsals (normally 6p-12a), the almost-summer heat was INTENSE in the Paramount Theatre, and made us pretty loopy. One of the techs found an RC car and made it a game to "knock" on the girls' dressing room door and waited for us to open it. Once we did, the car would race into the room and run around and around in crazy circles, running into anything and everything in the dressing room. We finally decided to get even one night, and picked up the car once it had overturned itself, and turned the switch off. We proceeded to tie an unused tampon (with red dry-erase marker on it) to the RC car antenna and slapped a maxi pad on the top of the car. We turned on the switch, let it out of the dressing room, and let the techs discover what we'd done to it.

Another night, the techs decided it would be fun to run around the theater during "Heartbreaker" twirling their tech shirts over their heads. Our boss at the time walked in and saw us messing around, and we got talked to after rehearsal. =/

The worst prank was the fog in the girl's dressing room, though. That takes everything. And now I know how they did it.
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This is pretty good. I was a violinist in the orchestra at Santa Clara's Grand Music Hall all year 1977, 1979, and 1980. We did some crazy stuff, as well as enjoyed the shenanigans onstage by the performers up there.
I've not gotten the chance to re-unite with other musicians from those days, to recollect the nutty variations on themes or juxtapositions we did. There's too many, and they got creative, especially the '77 shows (Holiday I played all of and Broadway which I sat in on about 60-80 of).
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