The Last Great America Coaster Standing (Hurt and Heal Game)

All about the rides at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA and post-Marriott rides, too
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Post by Glorfindel7 »

Hurt: Tidal Wave :(
Heal: Demon

Demon: 18
Whizzer: 21
Tidal Wave: 2
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Post by WhizzerSFGAm »

Hurt: Tidal Wave
Heal: Whizzer

Demon: 18
Whizzer: 22
Tidal Wave: 1
It's Whizzer time!
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Post by dpxtreme »

Hurt: Tidal Wave
Heal: Demon

Demon: 19
Whizzer: 22

The winner by a score of 22, Willard's Whizzer!!
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Post by PGA ROCKS »

Yay! The madness is over! I wish I could go to the Gurnee park to ride the Whizzer.
I miss Tidal Wave
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Post by Tidal Wave »

Here are the final results from first eliminated to the last coaster standing
Superman: Ultimate Flight
Rolling Thunder
Deja Vu
Rajin Cajun
Psycho Mouse
Vertical Velocity
Iron Wolf
Batman: The Ride
Shock Wave
Raging Bull
American Eagle
Top Gun
Tidal Wave
Willard's Whizzer

Pretty much what I expected for the top three because they are the only three at both parks so both the Gurnee and Santa Clara fans can agree on those. I was surprised Invertigo made it so far because it is an off-shelf Vekoma inverted boomerang. I myself never liked it or the other two I've been on (Face-Off and Two Face), but maybe its because I've been on so many traditonal Vekoma boomerangs that I'm just sick of them. Pretty accurate list overall. It was fun!
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