True flavor of Marriott's Great America

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True flavor of Marriott's Great America

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These two paragraphs were written as the introduction of the 1980 picture book regarding the true flavor of the theme park:

"What makes America great is people; the way they live, work, and play. It is in the spirit of this great land and people that Marriott's Great America is founded.

A them park to let you revel in the spirit of some of the most fascinating eras and unique American crafts and activities."

I wish Six Flags would consider this once more! :D
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Post by MGA1 »

For the most part, the parks stayed true to the original philosophy for Great America during the Marriott years. The following is a quote by Richard "Dick" Marriott on the announcement of the Great America project:

"Conceived in the spirit and style of America.

Executed with excitement...color...entertainment...nostalgia...good taste...authenticity.

Packed with live shows, thrilling rides, great food, unique shops, fun games.

Splashed with flowers and shrubs, ponds and streams, park benches and gazebos.

And operated by people who smile."
"...and enjoy the rest of your day here at Marriott's GRRRREAT America"
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