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It was no expense to be sparred when Marriot opened the parks....incredible landscaping in all areas...including employee areas. It is sad to see how poorly the "back of the house" areas are maintained by Six Flags.

Remember the thousands of flowers...around the reflecting pool at the front gate?
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TripplePlay93 wrote:No I think there are some parts from it, like the lights and stuff from around the center, thats all not the whole thing, Next time I head up there (March 8 ) I'll take a picture of it.
I bet that's the old Fiddler's Fling centerpiece that disappeared around 2001 or so.
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I wish I knew why they got rid of it and why it wasn't replaced.
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These pictures are AWESOME!!! Seriously... I LOVE seeing how things looked back then. I was there in '76 too, but I was quite little at the time, so I don't remember too much. :)

Thanks for posting the link!!!
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