Visiting again with a new generation...

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Visiting again with a new generation...

Post by douglips »

(this is all CGA.)

I'm old enough that I remember riding the Turn of the Century, and screaming on those first two big bumps. Afterwards I was so freaked out I had to ride the sky whirl (right next to it) to calm down.

One of my favorite rides was Orleans Orbit.

This summer, I took my three kids - it was really special to be able to ride the Orbit with my oldest daughter - the others aren't tall enough yet. We went on an off day and rode the Grizzly about 8 times in a row because there was no line.

Other trips down memory lane:
- Fiddlers Fling (now Centrifuge)
- Delta Flyer
- Loggers Run. We actually got stuck RIGHT AT THE EDGE of the main drop. My daughter freaked out because we were stuck up so high for about 15 minutes, and after we got to go they shut the ride down. Once we were down she liked it though. :)
- Rue Le Dodge was closed in preparation for the haunt. :(
- Flying Eagles was a favorite of my son, who was bitter at not being able to go on Orbit.

I did miss the Tidal Wave. I got to go on the Demon, it hadn't scared me since I was about 8. But my kids wanted no part of any "upside down" coaster. Maybe next time. And now that I know the Whizzer is still kicking in Illinois, I may have to do a field trip...
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Re: Visiting again with a new generation...

Post by RandyV »

Awesome experience, isn't it? I loved taking my daughter to CGA this past spring. I had never been the the California park before (Gurnee is my home park) so going to CGA for the first time with my daughter was an experience I'll never forget.

You'd better get to IL if you want to ride the Whizzer. Rumor mill is starting up that they may remove it in the next few years.
Randy V.
Gurnee will always be my home park...
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Re: Visiting again with a new generation...

Post by Gameboy »

I started work at Santa Clara MGA a bit before the opening day in '76 when I was 19, so I have had plenty of time to bring in my next generation. It was cool to have seen my next gen as little kids have the kind of fun on the rides that only little kids can have. Even at 19 (20, 21...) I was jaded enough that I didn't have that kind of eye popping, wonderous, all out fun that they had as sub-teens. Even on the Turn of the Century (my favorite coaster of all time, even more so than the Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz). I would guess at this point, some former employees has taken their grandkids to the park. That would be cool to hear about.
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