Screams and Dreams Vol. 2 on Youtube

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Screams and Dreams Vol. 2 on Youtube

Post by Cliffhanger »

I found a recording of the full Screams and Dreams Vol.2 posted by sfgamnfreek on youtube, here's the link,

Watching this, i found it kind of depressing how they kind of killed the name "Great America" in favor of "Six Flags" over time. I mean, you can see in the commercials it used to be:
now it's: SIX FLAGSGreat America
The park has become so commercialized nowadays. When i went this year, i was really sad to see that Sky Trek Tower now has SIX FLAGS painted all over it..... :( .

And what happened to all the cool commercials for new rides?! In the video, the commercial for "Viper" and "Raging Bull" were awesome. The commercial for "X-Flight" i've seen on TV is sooo boring. :evil:
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Re: Screams and Dreams Vol. 2 on Youtube

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Part 2 did not hold my attention as well as Part 1. Six Flags has little to say in this version except the same POV shots on roller coasters. The SFGA employees have little to add. One can see the slide from the ultimate themepark that was MGA to the gaudy little amusement park that it has evolved into.
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Re: Screams and Dreams Vol. 2 on Youtube

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As you wtach this video you can see the uniqueness that was Great America slowly slip away into the genericness (if that's a word) that is Six Flags. This was not as well done as part 1 and I barely managed to get through it.

I do have to agree the modern ride commercails are not as good as the vintage ones. They seem to be more about selling season passes and ticket packages than the ride itself. Let the ride speak for itself they will come for it.
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