So Long Tidal Waves

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So Long Tidal Waves

Post by RandyV » Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:11 pm

Kentucky Kingdom is scrapping Greazed Lightnin', which is a combination of both MGA Tidal Waves. The ride was originally the Gurnee Tidal Wave and after the 2005 season had track replaced using the Santa Clara Tidal Wave.

From what I've read, the ride was in pretty bad shape and the weight-drop launch system was broken.

I give Schwarzkopf a lot of credit for engineering a ride that lasted over 30 years. Sad to see such an iconic part of both Great Americas torched apart and scrapped. The Tidal Wave was one of those rides I was scared to ride when I was younger and once I worked up the courage, it because one of my all time favorites. My personal consecutive back to back ride record count was set on the Gurnee Tidal Wave with 22 consecutive rides (literally getting off the ride and getting back on before it launched again) on a very uncrowded day. After that 22nd ride I literally had lost my balance walking and had to stop.

RIP Tidal Wave and thanks for the memories.
Randy V.
Gurnee will always be my home park...

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Re: So Long Tidal Waves

Post by OldSchoolGAFan » Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:40 am

I remember toward the end of Tidal Wave being at Gurnee the queue line was so short I could ride it three or four times in a half hour until I either got bored or the forces caught up with me. A short but fun ride; so sad to see it go. :(

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