Well, there goes my childhood

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Well, there goes my childhood

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https://www.greatamericaparks.com/cedar ... -the-park/

So upset to hear the news this morning. Many of my best childhood memories are my annual visits to Great America (Santa Clara). I've been in Seattle now for nearly thirty years, but have made occasional visits to Great America when I've been back in the Bay Area. I actually bought a season pass a few months ago because I expect to be in the South Bay every few months for work. I was the only kidless adult in the park that day (and didn't care), and the lines were short (aside from RailBlazer which had about a twenty minute wait). I must've gone on Gold Striker a half dozen times.

The park has changed so much that I hardly recognize parts of it, but it was still such a great time to relive my childhood memories. I'll have to make regular visits over the next few years while I still can.

I'm gutted.
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Re: Well, there goes my childhood

Post by RandyV »

This is very, very sad news and was a bad way to start my day. I was just at the park a week ago (only my second visit) thinking how valuable the land must be. Then this news drops today.

While SC and Gurnee have evolved in very different ways over the years, they've always been there together. Not having SC is going to be very strange. So much history.

The CF lease is good through 2033. My gut says they'll operate at least to the park's 50th anniversary in 2025/2026. Maybe that'll be the big send off. After that - who knows.

Either way - a very difficult day for Great America fans everywhere. Will have to make sure to get more visits in while I can.
Randy V.
Gurnee will always be my home park...
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