Christmas in the Park

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Christmas in the Park

Post by BrianPlencner »

The Gurnee Park one year did a "Christmas in the Park", where they had the front section open, along with the Columbia. This was back when the park closed Columbus Day weekend, so it had to be early fall.

They hung christmas lights up, garland, and played Christmas Music.

I think it was the fall of 1983. I want to say the main reason they did this was to "sell off" all the Marriott merchandise.

Does anyone else remember this?
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Christmas at MGA

Post by jimmy gimbels »

Actually, Gurnee tried a Christmas holiday event earlier in 1978? I worked it. Front portion of park was open. All shops in front loaded with merchandise. Columbia was open and a few rides. The whole purpose was to sell left over merchandise. It was soooooooooo cold. And a huge flop due to snow storms. Small portion of the parking lot was plowed. Only a few hundred people showed opened....Closed around Thanksgiving due to lack of business.
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