If you could bring it back...

All about the rides at Marriott's GREAT AMERICA and post-Marriott rides, too
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djames42 wrote:Santa Clara

Not a ride, but I really miss Ye Old Rootbeer Shoppe (or whatever it was called--it was just around the corner from the Wizzer; I really miss the yummy 5¢ root beer on a hot summer day)
It was called the Hot Shoppe
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Ahhh, thanks... Such good memories. I remember my brother discovering the place and always looking forward to stopping in. It was one of those virtually undiscovered spots that was only occasionally crowded. It, along with the bbq chicken restaurant in the Yukon Territory, were my favorite food & drink places in the park.

(And I realized I spelled Whizzer wrong too, but I've got great memories of that as well).
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1. Tidal Wave with all its original themeing.
2. Yankee Clipper
3. The original Logger's Run(SC)
4. The Edge
5. Triple Wheel
6. Oh & Stealth :(
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Well if you plan to visit sfgam Yankee Clipper is basically open in the summer only.
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Re: If you could bring it back...

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Tidal Wave
Sky Whirl
Splash Water Falls
im having a bit of trouble with the fifth one idk maybe Rolling Thunder or Power Dive...
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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by WestBurbs14 »

Great Question.

1. Delta Flyer/Eagle's Flight
2. Splashwater Falls (Why did they remove it if they didn't want to replace it with anything?)
3. Edge
4. Tidal Wave
5. Traffique Jam

If I may inject a non-ride request, I'd like the 5-cent root beer stand back in Hometown Square! I'd even settle for a buck.
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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by NotBill »

Wow, thought I replied to this one, guess not :P

1. Shockwave
2. Tidal Wave
3. Sky Whirl
4. Davey Jones' Dinghies (sentimental favorite)
5. Delta/Flight/Cross
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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by DarkJak2050 »

Santa Clara

Sky Whirl
Triple Play
Whizzer (Wanted to ride it)
Tidal Wave
Rue Le Dodge (Original driving style)

You guys in Gurnee are lucky. You still have more of the original Marriott rides to this day (3 of them are listed above). The only Marriott ride that the Santa Clara park has that the Gurnee park doesn't, is the Delta Flyer/Eagle's Flight.
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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by DemonLvr52379 »

1.) Shockwave- I remember in 1997 for high school physics day riding this ride 7 times in a row since it had a short line. Wow I had a headache but it was well worth it :)
2.) Tidal Wave- The year that I was finally tall enough to ride it the ride was gone :(
3.)The Edge- A ride I always wanted to go on
4.) Sky Whirl- One of my first rides that I went on as a child and always one of my favorites
5.) Cajun Cliffanger- One time went on the ride 3 times in a row, and man I was happily dizzy :)
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Re: If you could bring it back...

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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by Cheesehead Dave »

1. Tidal Wave
2. Cajun Cliffhanger
3. Power Dive
4. Spinnaker
5. Z-Force
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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by dlmtechnology »

1. Z-Force (it looked fun, never rode it)

2. The Barney Oldfield/Great Amerca Raceway (That was my home unit, it has a special place in my heart all those hours out at the field position) (I often wished it had its figure 8 track when I worked there)

3. Trailblazer (I know its not "Marriott Old" but I enjoyed it with my little brother back in the day

4. Restore the glory of the White Water Rampage, it may not be gone, but it's spirit is. I loved the theming of that ride, I always wished I got to work it, but sadly those positions were full when I was hired and so I got Splashwater Falls. It seems it's not as "wet" as it used to be you never get close to getting under any waterfalls anymore, I really miss the geysers after the tunnel when there was a field 2 position. The craptastic coin operated jets are not the same....Make the geysers Coin operated I'd spend my entire day there feeding those boxes!

5. Skywhirl!!! Saw it when I was a kid but way too scared to ride it, now I miss it!
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Re: If you could bring it back...

Post by XYZ »

At the Santa Clara Park:

-Tidal Wave
-Scenic Railway
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