SFGA 2013...notes and news

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SFGA 2013...notes and news

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1. The Orbit has been out of service all season. It appears to be stuck in one position.

2. The reconditioned Crawler reopened mid-season. New paint job. But, oddly enough, the cabins do not seems to spin at all. It makes for one boring ride.

3. Park actually looks good this year. More flowers/plants and better upkeep. But still many patches of weeds. And many buildings looks to be in disrepair. Go on the Condor and look down....shocking to see the condition of roofs and service buildings. Or go on the scenic railway which is a delightful view of weeds, broken ride parts, and some sorry looking service buildings.

4. Many shops only have one employee at a register that is located tonone side of the store. The shoplifting must be incredible.

5. Rumor has it that the Pictorium days are numbered. A dark ride will be set inside the structure. Some employees are saying it will be an environment ride like the Simpsons at Universal Studios or Disney's flight.

6. Latest version of "Dreams and Screams" is dull as white bread. Attendance has been dismal. Tip for SFGA: FOCUS the projector.

7. Food has improved but the pizza is still pretty bad. Try the new sports bar. Actually good - but expensive - food. Service is very slow.

8. IGNITE is sputtering through its first season. Not really holding the attention of visitors who watch for a few minutes and leave. I question the taste of using the Great Chicago Fire as a story device. Odd how SFGA starts closing attractions like Sky Trek Tower, The scenic railroad, Triple Play and others as early as 6 PM to " prepare for the IGNITE show" which does not begin till 10. Many shops and eateries close at 8 PM. After 8 PM your choice is limited to pizza or pizza.Seems like it is more an excuse to let employees go home early and say on payroll.

9. Park does not open till 10:30 AM and, as of beginning of August, has begun to close at 9:00 PM.

10. SFGA has gone overboard with in park advertising and sponsorships. Rides are covered with messages. Billboards are everywhere.
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