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book covers: Images of Modern America, California's Great America and Images of Modern America, Six Flags Great America

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Images of America: California's Great America

GREATAMERICAparks.com is proud to present this illustrated history of the Santa Clara park, known today as California's Great America. Follow the story of the park from Fess Parker's 1972 announcement of Frontier Worlds in Santa Clara through the opening of Marriott's Great America and subsequent ownership changes all the way up to 2014. This pictorial history of the park features a large number of rare photographs. Most are in full color. The book includes a foreword from J.W. "Bill" Marriott, Jr.

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The book is also sold at California's Great America and other retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond!

Images of Modern America: Six Flags Great America

GREATAMERICAparks.com is also proud to present this illustrated history of the Gurnee, Illinois park, known today as Six Flags Great America. This companion volume to the Santa Clara book takes you through the story of the park's initial planning, design, and construction, the 1976 opening of Marriott's Great America, the 1984 sale of the park to Six Flags, and all the way up to the present day. The book is jam-packed full of rare photographs, a large number of them have never been published before. Nearly all of the book's photos appear in full color.

Released on September 4, 2017, the Six Flags Great America book is now available at these online sellers:

The book is also sold at Six Flags Great America and other retailers in Chicagoland and beyond!

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