Gurnee, Illinois

From pre-schoolers to senior citizens and every age in between, it’s always a fun-filled, exciting day for every member of the family at Marriott’s Great America. With more than 130 rides, shops, shows, restaurants, and continuous outdoor entertainment, Great America is a spectacular entertainment package that offers something for everyone.

The thrill-seekers in the family can challenge four of the country’s greatest roller coasters — the new American Eagle, The Demon, The Tidal Wave, and Willard’s Whizzer. For a refreshing change of pace, Great America’s two giant flume rides — Logger’s Run and the Yankee Clipper — provide the thrill of a roller coaster and a 70-foot splash at the finish. And if the thrill-seekers want more, they can experience the weightless sensations of the Orleans Orbit and the Cajun Cliffhanger, both in Orleans Place.

The less daring riders can enjoy a leisurely ride and a scenic glimpse of Great America aboard the Columbia carousel and the Sky Trek Tower in the park’s Entrance Plaza, or County Fair’s Barney Oldfield Speedway.

Some of the Midwest’s best entertainment can be found in any of Great America’s famous show productions. Theater-goers will thrill to the glittering musical extravaganza, “Music! Music! Music!”, in Hometown Square’s Grand Music Hall, while the young and the young-at-heart can delight to the hilarious misadventures of Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes pals in the new 1981 Theatre Royale production, “The Bugs Bunny Show”. Great America’s oceanic wonders, Nemo and Neptune, top off the park’s live stage show line-up with a country-style dolphin revue in Yukon Territory’s Wilderness Theater. Silver screen lovers can marvel at the beauty of the American landscape on the immense, 70-x-96-foot screen of the Pictorium Theater, located in the Entrance Plaza. Performances continue throughout the day in the Pictorium.

For musical aficionados, Great America’s Marching Band performs in various locations in the park during the day; the smooth jazz sounds of the fabulous Bones band fill the area of the American Eagle Arena; there’s a swinging Dixieland band in Orleans Place; and, a fourth live band performs for guests dining in the Farmer’s Market.

Every day is a kid’s day at Marriott’s Great America. The sounds of fun and laughter fill Fort Fun, where more than a dozen participatory attractions entertain kids for hours. In addition to Fort Fun in Yukon Territory, there are special children’s rides throughout the park, including David’s Le Bumpe, a free-wheelin’ bumper car attraction for young guests. And of course, Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes friends are on hand to greet guests at the park’s entrance and elsewhere in the park.

Great America’s expanded menus of delicious food feature new delights for guests to taste, including Mexican-style nachos, bakery-fresh pies, and fresh fruit and fruit juices. Select a complete meal or just a snack from more than 30 restaurants and food stands. For an early special treat, Join Bugs Bunny or any of the other Looney Tunes characters for breakfast at the Levee Spaghetti Restaurant in Orleans Place, every morning from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM.

Marriott’s Great America is also a very special place for senior citizens, who can enjoy a full day’s fun at half the price. For guests 55 years and above, park admission is $6.75 (tax included).

It’s fun for the entire family as Great America opens for its sixth exciting season. Marriott’s Great America is located midway between Chicago and Milwaukee on Interstate 94 in Gurnee, Illinois.


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