Gurnee, Illinois

A visit to Marriott’s Great America is a full day of family fun and entertainment, where you can ride all day long and see as many shows as you like. All the fun is included in the park’s one-price admission of $12.95 for guests 4 years and over; $6.50 for senior guests 55 and over, plus .25 Village of Gurnee tax per ticket. Children 3 and under are admitted free.

To make the most of your day at Marriott’s Great America:

  1. Arrive at the park at 9:00 AM, and plan a specific place to meet in case your group separates. Then, have “Breakfast with Bugs Bunny” at the Levee Spaghetti restaurant in Orleans Place, and decide which shows you want to see.
  2. The whole family will want to catch all the park’s show productions — “Music! Music! Music!”, “The Bugs Bunny Show”, the Wilderness Theater outdoor show, and the incredible IMAX film in the Pictorium. These shows represent some of the finest performances in American theme parks and shouldn’t be missed. Showtimes are posted on all “You Are Here” signs, theater marquees, and at Courtesy Corner. (Great America’s shows are popular, so plan to arrive 20-25 minutes before each show.)
  3. Beat the lunch rush and eat before 12 noon or after 2:00 PM. Stop by the new Arena restaurant near the American Eagle entrance, and choose from a delicious selection of submarine sandwiches, bratwurst, sausage, or hot dogs, and freshly made pie for dessert.
  4. The best time to ride Great America’s popular thrill rides is after 5:00 PM, when they are least busy. So, see the shows first, take a stroll through the park; and, after 5, climb aboard the new American Eagle, Logger’s Run, The Demon, and Willard’s Whizzer for the thrills of your life!
  5. Stop by the Snowshoe Saloon in Yukon Territory for some cool refreshments or nachos and the delightful piano music provided by Great America’s fully-animated Foghorn Leghorn. Elsewhere in the park, the Great America marching band, the Looney Tunes characters, the Bones jazz band, and others provide continuous fun and entertainment.
  6. The best days of the week to visit Marriott’s Great America are Thursday and Friday. Sunday and Monday are second best; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the busiest. Plan to visit Great America during the spring and fall weekend seasons and enjoy a relaxed day in the park.
  7. If you want a mid-day rest, get your hand stamped as you leave the park, go to your hotel for a short rest and return for more fun that night. Admission includes a full day’s fun…just make sure the stamp doesn’t wash off.

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