Barney Oldfield Speedway

Rides at Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA were often tied to American history or traditions. The Barney Oldfield Speedway was named after legendary race car driver Barney Oldfield. Manufactured by Arrow Development Company, the cars allowed guest drivers to freely steer them down the track. Drivers use a gas pedal to control the speed of each car. A rail that ran down the center serves to prevent drivers from leaving the track. The track was originally built as a figure eight with an overpass. At both parks, the track configuration has been changed to an oval to accommodate the addition of other attractions. The original corporate sponsors of the Barney Oldfield Speedway were Union Oil of California at Santa Clara and Standard Oil at Gurnee.

The Barney Oldfield Speedway has been a perennial favorite of young and old alike. It continues to operate only at Santa Clara where it has been reduced to a single track. Gurnee had a second self-driven antique car attraction from Arrow Development, the Traffique Jam in Orleans Place. The Traffique Jam no longer exists at the Gurnee park.

County Fair
Final season:
Gurnee: 2010
Santa Clara: still operating

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