Cajun Cliffhanger

The Cajun Cliffhanger was a Gurnee-only Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA ride. A product of the Chance Manufacturing Company of Wichita, Kansas, the trade name of the Cajun Cliffhanger is the Rotor. To ride the Cajun Cliffhanger, guests entered a large barrel-like compartment. Once inside, guests took their places with their backs and heels against the wall. The door to the barrel was closed and it would start to rotate. When the barrel’s rotation had reached a sufficient speed, the floor was lowered to leave the guests suspended on the wall. At the end of the cycle, the floor would be raised almost to its initial height. The barrel’s rotation slowed and guests slipped gently down to the floor.

Orleans Place — Gurnee only
Final operating season:

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